Original Casio FX991ES PLUS- Version F

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Brand : Casio

Description : Casio FX991ES Plus Scientific Calculator Crafted with special features, this FX991ES Plus Scientific from Casio is a perfect companion that will help you make lengthy calculations with great ease. 417 Functions Skillfully designed, this Scientific Calculator enables you to carry out various mathematical calculations including statistics, logistics, equations, matrix and many more. Textbook Display Pattern The textbook pattern enables you to have a better view and understanding of the results of the calculations. List Format To View Data The list format in this calculator helps you to get an easy access to the data and better understanding. Recall And Re-execute Formulas The multi-replay function of this calculator enables you to quickly recall and edit the already executed formulas with ease. 10 Digit Mantissa And 2 Digit Exponential Display A simplest form of expressing bigger numbers in a decimal form, the Scientific notation is made easier to understand with the help of a Mantissa and Exponential Display. High Resolution Screen The high resolution screen of the calculator ensures beautiful and amazing presentation of graphs in a dot matrix display. New Equation Mode The new equation mode in this calculator helps you in carrying out various complex number calculations such as standard functions, permutation and combination, statistics and many more Random Integers This calculator helps you to randomly generate integers between two different values thus, making calculations more easier and fun Special Features Plastic Keys Natural V.P.A.M. Display Dot Matrix Display 15 and 10+2 Digits Display Numerical Integral and Differential Calculus Random Integers New Equation Mode Improved Equation Mode Random Integers STO/RCL Keys and Scientific Functions Statistics Calculates with Complex Numbers and on the Basis of n Multi Replay Function and List Based Stat